Sunday, February 26, 2012

What dog toy is stronger than a Kong?

And have you tried it also where can it be purchased?

Kong's last for about a month or so but is there any other toy that might last longer?|||good question! My pitbull eats kongs too- even the toys labeled 'pitbull tested' are generally no match for his chewing, hah! His favorite toy hands down, is the extra large Romp n' Roll ball by Jolly Pets. It is a giant rubber ball about the size of a soccer ball, with a rope going through the middle. He usually pulls the rope out after a couple good play sessions, but he continues to chew on the ball for a long time without destroying it. I buy him a new one every 3 mos or so when it gets too many tooth holes. :o) Jolly Pets makes several different toys that are good for the particularly strong chewer, check them out!|||ok my ye lab is stronger then your pit bull

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|||my dog she is a ye lab|||Black kongs are the strongest. Tire toys are pretty good. So are "monkey fists" large knotted rope balls. Busy Buddy has treat toys that are made out of bullet proof plastic. Jolly Balls the large ones are good and cannot be punctured.. I could go on and on|||I tried something called a Zisc for my Jack Russell, and it lasted longer than most other toys. It's something like a frisbee but more pliable. Even though he ripped it in half, he still plays with both halves - two toys for the price of one! He likes to get it in his mouth and shake his head back and forth and make vicious sounds. He seems to really like it. The website where you can find it also has other toys that are guaranteed to be tough and they will replace them one time if your dog kills them.|||Our shelter has found Buster Cubes to be fairly effective. They are hard plastic cubes that you can insert kibble into them and the dog has to throw the thing around for the kibble to come out. They're really loud, but for a food motivated dog they're wonderful. It's also shaped so that it's hard for them to get their mouth around it to chew on.,2187.ht鈥?/a>

What was your relationship like with your favorite childhood toy?

what you did with your toy?

where did you take it ?

what was special about it?

etc...|||My favorite was a Pocahontas baribe doll (the one from the disney movie) I took her everywere until i was about 16, sounds funny i know, but i just loved my doll. she was special because she was original. she started falling apart, hair falling out, facepaint wearing, limbs falling off... so i started reserching doll repair, i started with getting her a new body, then i lookin into paint, i would give her different makeup everytime i had to repaint her. i learned to sew the hair back in, so i gave her different hiarcolors... this started me on customizing other dolls which is a great hobby of mine now. i remake and sell various dolls and make good money doing it. the doll is in terrible shape these days so i carefully wraped her up and put her in a shoebox in a safe spot. she currently has blue eyes, green eyemakup and red hair.. i have since taken a new pocahontas doll and made it in her image without the wear and tear of play. i say the original is "retired" lol. so my favorite childhood toy ended up makeing me good $$ latter in life.|||Well I can't remember now because it's been more then ten years but I remember I had a stuffed barney the dinasoar and I took him everywhere with me when I was just a little girl it was special because when I have kids in the future I'm gonna intruduce them to barney to.|||My favourite childhood toy was a little bear named BJ Gallagers. He was smaller than your fist and I literally took him EVERYWHERE. He was special because he was really cute and I used to make him bash all my other toys XD. Unfortunately over time his limbs started to fall off. I was really sad the day he died :(|||I got it when i was about 12. It was always fun to play with and never talk back to me.And every time i used it ,it would always stand up at attention for me.I still have it to this day.It became my best friend. ..LOL i can't go

Does your cat have a problem with sharing their toy mice?

I have several kitties in the house and also have several toy mice (stuffed etc.) One kitty, smokey will not share with any of the other kitties. He hoards them and growls and attacks the other kitties if they come near "his mice"

Does your kitty act like this?|||yes. I have 15 rescue cats and they all get along very well and share their toys...except eddie izzard- he is naughty. He takes all of the mousies and feather toys and runs off with them. He growls and tries to take the toys away so he can hide them. He does horde them, well he used to, until the other cats found his secret stash under one of the big chairs on the sun porch.|||My boy does when he is playing with his favorite feather stick. I think they are protecting what they think is theirs...|||LOL! My Cat Black Jack ?'s Her Toy Mice 2. Whenever She Sees My Mom's Cat T.J. Coming Toward Her She Takes It %26amp; Runs. T.J. Does Get A Hold Of Them From Time 2 Time But Black Jack Always Figures Out A Way 2 Steal Them Back From Him.

It's So Funny 2 Watch! :)|||Seems like I'm always having problems with kittys.

Catnip is an only child so he is spoiled rotten!
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  • Where does energy come from to run a clockwork toy?

    or a power station or a digital toy. Is it like the sun or electricity?|||A clockwork toy gets it's energy from a spring. When you wind the toy, you create potential energy that becomes kinetic energy when you release the spring.|||Is this a wind - up ???

    Where can i get a really cool AVP Predator toy or model?

    I got the new game AVP on Xbox 360 and i love it so much. (i recommend it) But, i really want a toy or model of a predator that doesn't cost a lot and doesn't cost cheap so it looks like crap. Please help me.|||Here you can find all the figueres from the movies. there are some expencive ones and there are some cheaper. im sure you'll find what you need. By the way, if you buy from here and you tell them that "PEAUGH" sent you they might give you a discount (this discount thing i got it from a guy from youtube that says it all the time, he is peaugh)…

    What are some subtle dirty jokes in the movie Toy Story?

    Disney always tend to put some adult themed jokes in their movies for the parents, and I wondered what jokes they had put in Toy Story, both one and two?

    I mean, the guys name is Woody. Woody. Come on, and "There's a snake in my boot!" That sounds mildly perverted to me. Is there anything else?|||Yes I totally agree with you ... I haven't watched it in a while though

    Hey, listen up, Light Smack. You stay away from Andy. He's mine. And no one is taking him away from me!|||When does he call him buzz lightbeer?

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    |||What you're saying is simply not true. If your mind is perverse enough, you could find adult jokes in a bank statement.|||... Disney always tend to put some adult themed jokes in their movies ... What you're saying is simply not true. If your mind is perverse enough,

    How can you tell if a dog is a Toy/Teacup just by looking at it?

    I've been to hundreds of pet stores and i cant figure out how to tell if a dog is miniature. I want a dog that will way no more than 5 pounds when it is fully grown, but the guys at the stores tell me all the dogs they have are teacup or toy and i dont know what to believe. Is there any way of telling just by looking at the dog? Also, which dog would make the best house pet (house trained).|||Sorry but i dont think you should get a pet from a pet store because most pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills. for more info go to|||1. There is NO such thing as a teacup dog

    2. There are only Toy and Miniature version of CERTAIN breeds.

    3. No more than five pounds? Then you best bet is to get a small breed from a REPUTABLE breeder who standards reads 6-7lbs and under



    Pomeranian to name a few

    OR you take your butt to a shelter or rescue and get an adult small breed who is fully grown and that weight.

    4. Pet shop employees lie.

    5. The dog that makes the best house pet is the breed that suits YOU. No one can tell you that, you have to figure it out yourself.|||First of all, there are very large differences between Toys and Miniatures depending on the breed you're looking at.

    Teacups do not exist in the realm of dogs. These are sickly, undersized runts sold for triple the price and often come with multitudes of health problems.

    The smallest breed is the Chihuahua. I believe the breed standard calls for under 7 lbs. If you're looking at a pet store, I strongly urge you to reconsider as many of these (if not all) are supplied by puppy mills.;q=鈥?/a>|||If you want a dog that will be no more then 5 pound then go to dollar store and get a stuffed one.

    If you get a so called tea cup(runt) dog from a pet store you wont have it long enough for it to even get to 5 pounds.

    Those jerks that work in pet stores will tell you anything to get your money, and you are gullible enough to fall for it

    Go to the pound or a rescue to get a dog.

    Why do you need one less then 5 pounds?|||You've been to HUNDREDS of pet stores. I find that really hard to believe. What is it that you people don't understand about there is NO such thing as any kind of teacup dog? It's a poorly bred runt, bred by an unreputable backyard greeder, puppy mill or pet store. And of course you know that pet stores get their pups from puppy mills, correct? And of course you wouldn't want to support someone like that!|||The employees at hellholes of pet stores LIE,dumby!!!

    #1-there's NO SUCH THING as "teacup"ANYTHING!

    #2-there are TOY BREEDS....any at a pet store are PUPPYMILLED %26amp;CRAP*!!

    So........if you want a pocket-pet? BUY A RAT!! It will NOT go over 5 lbs....pinky-swear.|||Here's a link that may change your mind.|||easy, if you want a "teacup" just look for the ugliest tiniest sickest looking dog at the petstore and you found the one :)|||whats a teacup